Fishing Tips

I've said this before, but here I go again: It's not how we die, but how we live.

Today mom and I had some great conversations. We decided that although she was not feeling that good that we were going to take time to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian skies. During the day, we marveled at the clouds and commented on how we thought it may rain later this evening. As the night wore on we gazed at the stars and the moon. Venus, Jupiter and the moon were aligned, but according to the news tomorrow will be even more stunning.

Mom proceeded to enlighten me about fishing tips. She indicated that the best time to catch fish is during a new moon or a full moon. How does she know this? When my mom was well, she loved to bask at the beach and fish. She loved to fish not with a rod and reel, but with a net (Tecken). That's what they call it in Guamanian. I love listening to her fishing stories. I will always remember the one about her and Jay competing to catch octopus. It's one of those that just tickles me pink. I would never stick my hand into a hole in a rock feeling for an octopus. Are you crazy??? She shares these fond memories with smiles on her face. I just love it.

These stories and the experience of just being, made for a fantastic day. It not only brightened my day, but hers also. These are the days that create the legacy that is left behind. Let's all remember to take time for one another. Love is the most valuable gift you can share.

I love you mom. Thanks again for the memories.



Jessie said...

i loved reading this glad that you and grandma had a great conversation, i love u guys