Cozy Chemo Corner

I just love the caring, compassionate environment that is given at the Cozy Chemo Corner.

Mom was able to get Chemo yesterday, but not without a little drama at the hospital. As we were waiting to get her vitals done, a Code Red took place and the portion of the hospital that we were in had to be evacuated. If that wasn't bad enough, once everyone returned, it happened again. It was quite an event to witness the chemo patients trying to evacuate with their medical poles. I overheard the charge nurse say let's hope none of my patients become dislodged, or we will have a hazmat issue on our hands. It was quite exhausting. It took about an hour and a half before we were back in the hospital.

Mom spoke with Dr. Dietrich about her upcoming appointment on Wednesday. To my surprise I found out she was very anxious about the radiation appointment. She had assumed that because she was told she had cancer on the spine that they would have to insert a large needle in her back. I guess she had been concerned about this, but she didn't share it with me. Once the Doctor reassured her that she would just lie on a table and the radiation would be like an x-ray, she seemed much more settled. I was glad he relieved her anxiety. I wish she would have told me about her feelings though so I could have helped her get through her tough time.

After chemo mom was very tired she fell in an out of sleep from the time we arrived back at the Fisher House. She is such a strong woman, I am so glad to be her daughter.

Until tomorrow. Love to all.



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