Chamorro Barbeque

Today Mom and I enjoy a relaxing day around the Fisher House. Early in the morning while watching the sunrise, mom, myself and several residents here at the Fisher House decided to have a barbeque. Mom was recently sent fish and octopus from Guam and so we decided it was time to cook it up.

A Chamorro menu was discussed and this is what we came up with:

  • Red Rice (Hineksa Agaga)

  • Barbequed Ribs/Barbequed Chicken (Tinenun Gatne/Tinenun Manok)

  • Octopus (Comsun)

  • Beef Kelaquen (Kelaquen Katne)

  • Cucumbers in Soy Sauce (Finadeni Cucumbers)

  • Fried/Barbequed Fish

After we ate, we relaxed a little more and then Mom, me and Tina made a flower arrangement. It was a beautiful bouquet made of red, white and purple flowers. It was a refreshing addition to our bathroom. Every Tuesday, an older woman by the name of Margaret comes by and brings fresh flowers. It just makes the Fisher House a little more warming.

The day ended with most of us overly stuffed and ready to make an early retirement to bed. As usual, mom and I finished the night by watching tv and dozing off to bed.

Good night everyone!