Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family:

The morning started out by having Breakfast with Santa. Tina and I arose to start cooking breakfast bright and early. The residents from both houses came up here and were given presents from Santa. Several of us couldn't resist and had to take our picture with Santa. You'd think we were little kids or something. Remember, it's all about the youthful spirit, not the age. It was a wonderful time. Later that evening, a group of families came in and brought Christmas dinner. We all enjoyed the evening and then vegged out for the night.

We received many Christmas blessings. The best Christmas present is the love from our family. During these tough times, we are truly blessed to have such support. I couldn't give my mom the care she needs without the help from all of them.

Even though we are not with our own families, the Fisher House residents have become a family unit also. We have all pulled together to help support the emotions of one another. I was shocked to see how giving people can be. Mom and I were received an anonymous card with a gift of $100.00. It brought tears to my eyes. How thoughtful and giving of someone who probably needed it themselves. Thank you God for blessing us so generously.

These are just a few gifts we were blessed with from the Fisher House:

$100/Card (Mystery), $20/Card/Dried Mango (Maggie), Earrings/Necklace Sets (Kook & Owen), Shirt/Pants/Perfume/$100/Walmart Gift Card/Candy/Slippers/Neck Massager (Fisher House Management), $25/Card (Ella Bivens), Gift Bag with Goodies/535th Airlift Squadron, Wooden Box/Inspirational Book (Jace)

We received several calls from friends and family on the mainland: Jessica/Charles/Jerone/
Scott/James/Craig/Jay/Brian and Hector.

When we closed down for the evening, I massaged mom's legs and rubbed her back. I am so blessed to be with her right now. Thank you God for this opportunity.

I miss all of you and know you all were showered with love. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas once again and may you all have a Blessed New Year.