Double Rainbow

Have you ever seen a double rainbow?

Mom and I were able to witness this colorful sight tonight.

There is a saying: "It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow." I use this saying when I hope to inspire someone. My philosophy is that good things and bad things happen to us all in life, but at the end of our challenges, something positive always follows. Call me silly, sentimental, crazy, who knows, but that's how I feel. Each time we are presented with a challenge, use it as a stepping stone, and not a stumbling block.

I find that many times I am able to help others by my words of wisdom, but sometimes I fall short when it comes to helping myself. Why is this? I guess as you move forward in life you gain wisdom slowly but surely.

Remember to grasp your rainbow and look forward to the pot of gold on the other end.

Love to all.

Picking Passion Fruit

It's a drizzly Tuesday morning. Mom needed her morning fix, so out we went into the drizzly day. While mom enjoys her cigarette, I venture off into the folliage to pick passion fruit. There is nothing more peaceful than being one with nature. Mom watches as I gather up the passion fruit, but is concerned about my shoes getting muddy. It's quite commical. Here I am 45 years old, and my mother is scolding me about getting my shoes dirty. I laughed and commented to not sweat the small stuff, and to remember everything is small stuff. Needless to say, I passified her and washed my shoes off before returning into the house.

We returned into the house only to start watching Extreme Mindblowing Hotels. Since I had just picked Passion Fruit, it kind of went hand in hand. One of the Hotels was the Nordic Inn located in Crosby, Minnesota. It was meant for the ultimte Viking experience. It was a Rowdy, Robost and Romantic setting. There seemed to be a lot of "PASSION" expressed in the making of this establishment. See, what did I tell you, the two events of my day went hand in hand. LOL You have to find fun here somehow!!

Another event that made me laugh was a story told by one of the residents named Kook. We are always eating it seems here at the Fisher House. I guess you could call it comfort food. That's probably why I've put on so much weight. Well, we were talking about how sometimes we will make an attempt to get some exercise. The hospital isn't that far down the hill, but it is a hike on the way back up. Several of us have to make a midpoint stop and take a breathier. This is where the story cracks me up. While walking back, Kook was getting quite exhausted. She needed a break, but her husband (Owen) told her to continue. Knowing she enjoys her food, Owen pulled out some crackers to entice her and told her Auntie Tina would have something for her to eat if she kept going. I could hardly stand it, I laughed so hard. We told her that was so messed up, and wrong on so many levels. She shook it off, and we chalked it up to another story for the books.

We have had to find comic relief while here at the Fisher House due to the severity of the situations. Kook and Owen lost their first born child while here, and it is good to see they are coping with their loss. It's never easy to move forward when presented with a challenge like this, but they are an inspiration to us all. Thanks Owen and Kook for making me laugh and showing your strength to us all. You are both loved.

I'm looking forward to making more memories and sharing any sorrows. Life is such a gift. I hope each of us takes the time to tell those you love how much they mean to you.

Oahu Blackout

The darkness came upon us last night. Oahu lost power to over 900,000 residents. Mom and I went out onto the porch to see the extent of the power outage. It was wide and far. We could only see lights at the hospital and airport. I know they have backup generators, so this must have been the reason they retained power.

It was an amazing sight to see. We are so used to looking down at Waikiki and seeing lights for miles to come. The clouds loomed over us and it was just pitch black. The Fisher House was unprepared and only a few people had flash lights with working batteries. We were able to round up one Coleman lantern which was electrically charged, but that didn't last long. Since no candles are allowed in the home, we all seemed to retire to bed early and looked forward to the morning light.

Good night!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family:

The morning started out by having Breakfast with Santa. Tina and I arose to start cooking breakfast bright and early. The residents from both houses came up here and were given presents from Santa. Several of us couldn't resist and had to take our picture with Santa. You'd think we were little kids or something. Remember, it's all about the youthful spirit, not the age. It was a wonderful time. Later that evening, a group of families came in and brought Christmas dinner. We all enjoyed the evening and then vegged out for the night.

We received many Christmas blessings. The best Christmas present is the love from our family. During these tough times, we are truly blessed to have such support. I couldn't give my mom the care she needs without the help from all of them.

Even though we are not with our own families, the Fisher House residents have become a family unit also. We have all pulled together to help support the emotions of one another. I was shocked to see how giving people can be. Mom and I were received an anonymous card with a gift of $100.00. It brought tears to my eyes. How thoughtful and giving of someone who probably needed it themselves. Thank you God for blessing us so generously.

These are just a few gifts we were blessed with from the Fisher House:

$100/Card (Mystery), $20/Card/Dried Mango (Maggie), Earrings/Necklace Sets (Kook & Owen), Shirt/Pants/Perfume/$100/Walmart Gift Card/Candy/Slippers/Neck Massager (Fisher House Management), $25/Card (Ella Bivens), Gift Bag with Goodies/535th Airlift Squadron, Wooden Box/Inspirational Book (Jace)

We received several calls from friends and family on the mainland: Jessica/Charles/Jerone/
Scott/James/Craig/Jay/Brian and Hector.

When we closed down for the evening, I massaged mom's legs and rubbed her back. I am so blessed to be with her right now. Thank you God for this opportunity.

I miss all of you and know you all were showered with love. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas once again and may you all have a Blessed New Year.

Special Friends

Today I spoke with Sophia Peterson. It is always such a pleasure to talk with her. While living in Washington State, my children bonded with our neighbor Sophia and she quickly became their adopted Grandmother. Sophia's grandmother (Sophie) came from Switzerland and her grandfather (Columbus Sinclair) was from Michigan. They had a homestead in Silverdale Washington. Her father's side is from Youngstown Ohio. She has always had a special fondness for Jessica. Jessica use to be her sidekick around her house and would help her with odd chores and just be her companion. Sophia has held both Jessica and Charles close to her heart. I was amazed to hear she is now 80 years old (July 23). The stories she has to share are always memorable. We talked about Sophia's two sons, Ken and Marty. We also talked about Snowflake, Sophia's cat who was pure white. Jessica and Charles adored her. Sophia continues to enter into the Fair and as usual has won another ribbon for her baking or gardening talent. I am so pleased to have her as such a special friend. Thank you Sophia for being a part of our life and extended family.

I received several other calls today, just checking up on Mom and I. Inez, a long time friend called from Kansas and informed me her daughter Chelsea is driving. How can this be? It seems as just yesterday she was in diapers. My how time flies. I also received a call from my good buddy Jerone. Jerone is known as Papa to most of my Walmart friends in Pensacola. He is always there to lend a helping hand or just give advise to keep you on the straight and narrow path. He has been a blessing in my life and I am lucky to have such a wonderful man to call my friend.

Today I was asked to take Tina Mahlum (A Fisher House Resident), to church. I just dropped her off since the service is done in Palo. Tina is a cancer patient who Mom and I have become very fond of. She has a giving heart and doesn't allow her cancer to stifle her life. She lives life fully everyday and is very unselfish. It's an honor to be her friend. Thanks Tina for your strength and love. After dropping Tina off, her daughter Jace and I went to the Swap Meet to locate some last minute Christmas gifts. As usual it was packed, hot, but lots of fun.

Several conversations arose today and reminiscing resumed once again. For some reason, a conversation was brought up about an incident that took place when I was a child. We lived in Vallejo California. The lady who lived behind our house decided that her dog poop was easier to flush with water down her hill to our house than to pick it up. Needless to say, an argument arose between my mother and her. In the process, she decided to bite down on mom's arm. Mom told her to go ahead you cannibal, because I'm gonna beat the shit out of you. The cops were called and they regained control of the situation. We chuckled at the silly things that you remember in life and how you should have fun with every moment.

I spoke with Jessica today and was tickled by a comment made by my grand-daughter. The family traveled to Greenville South Carolina to attend a family reunion. Brianna told her mom that she had to take the special chocolates that great-grandma and grandma sent her. How cute! She always has such a way with words. I was also pleased to hear that Nate wore the Polo Shirt I sent him and received several comments about it. I love to give and have those who receive the gifts to be happy with them. Apparently this time I succeeded. Enjoy guys!

Until tomorrow, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and is ready for Christmas. God Bless!

Chamorro Barbeque

Today Mom and I enjoy a relaxing day around the Fisher House. Early in the morning while watching the sunrise, mom, myself and several residents here at the Fisher House decided to have a barbeque. Mom was recently sent fish and octopus from Guam and so we decided it was time to cook it up.

A Chamorro menu was discussed and this is what we came up with:

  • Red Rice (Hineksa Agaga)

  • Barbequed Ribs/Barbequed Chicken (Tinenun Gatne/Tinenun Manok)

  • Octopus (Comsun)

  • Beef Kelaquen (Kelaquen Katne)

  • Cucumbers in Soy Sauce (Finadeni Cucumbers)

  • Fried/Barbequed Fish

After we ate, we relaxed a little more and then Mom, me and Tina made a flower arrangement. It was a beautiful bouquet made of red, white and purple flowers. It was a refreshing addition to our bathroom. Every Tuesday, an older woman by the name of Margaret comes by and brings fresh flowers. It just makes the Fisher House a little more warming.

The day ended with most of us overly stuffed and ready to make an early retirement to bed. As usual, mom and I finished the night by watching tv and dozing off to bed.

Good night everyone!

Christmas Carolers

Today started out by me cooking breakfast (no laughing please). I cooked bacon and eggs. Mom also had some rice and coffee. I was so glad to see that she had an appetite. Lunch consisted of a turkey, lettuce, tomato and cheese croissant along with Cheetos and a Pepsi. The evening concluded with her having rice with finideni (a Guamanian sauce), and Thai noodles (something called Pate?), and to top that off, a chocolate cake and water. Mom actually astounded me in the amount of food she consumed. Go MOM!

I did eat as usual, but I have started a workout regime which I hope will maintain my weight if nothing else. I decided instead of me sitting around while mom smokes, every time I take her outside I have to do some sort of exercise. Today I walked back and forth the full length of the parking lot until she was done. There have been times I have stood outside and done jumping jacks. I told the residence I may look silly, but anytime they are ready, they can join me. At night, I am trying to do a series of sit ups. I love food, so I am hoping my calorie intake is less and that I will start burning some of this fat off. Wish me luck. I've gained about 50 pounds over the past few months, and it isn't getting any easier to lose at my age.

After dinner we were graced by the presence of Boy Scout Christmas Carolers. It was so festive to have them sing for us, and before we knew it, we caught ourselves joining in. It's amazing how many groups come to the Fisher House to support the needs of the families. The needs range from emotional, physical and financial. It is such a blessing to be a part of this extended family. Thank you God!!

God is the reason for the season, and I want to lift all of my family and friends up to him. He is a forgiving and loving God and he has a plan and purpose for us all. Live and love life and give thanks for each day.

I hope all of you have been good boys and girls so that you receive many blessings. I love and miss you all. I did hear from a few of you today to let me know you received my package or card. I was surprised with the promptness of the Post Office. That only took four days. Good job!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Keep it safe during this holiday season. Love to you all.