Christmas Carolers

Today started out by me cooking breakfast (no laughing please). I cooked bacon and eggs. Mom also had some rice and coffee. I was so glad to see that she had an appetite. Lunch consisted of a turkey, lettuce, tomato and cheese croissant along with Cheetos and a Pepsi. The evening concluded with her having rice with finideni (a Guamanian sauce), and Thai noodles (something called Pate?), and to top that off, a chocolate cake and water. Mom actually astounded me in the amount of food she consumed. Go MOM!

I did eat as usual, but I have started a workout regime which I hope will maintain my weight if nothing else. I decided instead of me sitting around while mom smokes, every time I take her outside I have to do some sort of exercise. Today I walked back and forth the full length of the parking lot until she was done. There have been times I have stood outside and done jumping jacks. I told the residence I may look silly, but anytime they are ready, they can join me. At night, I am trying to do a series of sit ups. I love food, so I am hoping my calorie intake is less and that I will start burning some of this fat off. Wish me luck. I've gained about 50 pounds over the past few months, and it isn't getting any easier to lose at my age.

After dinner we were graced by the presence of Boy Scout Christmas Carolers. It was so festive to have them sing for us, and before we knew it, we caught ourselves joining in. It's amazing how many groups come to the Fisher House to support the needs of the families. The needs range from emotional, physical and financial. It is such a blessing to be a part of this extended family. Thank you God!!

God is the reason for the season, and I want to lift all of my family and friends up to him. He is a forgiving and loving God and he has a plan and purpose for us all. Live and love life and give thanks for each day.

I hope all of you have been good boys and girls so that you receive many blessings. I love and miss you all. I did hear from a few of you today to let me know you received my package or card. I was surprised with the promptness of the Post Office. That only took four days. Good job!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Keep it safe during this holiday season. Love to you all.