Picking Passion Fruit

It's a drizzly Tuesday morning. Mom needed her morning fix, so out we went into the drizzly day. While mom enjoys her cigarette, I venture off into the folliage to pick passion fruit. There is nothing more peaceful than being one with nature. Mom watches as I gather up the passion fruit, but is concerned about my shoes getting muddy. It's quite commical. Here I am 45 years old, and my mother is scolding me about getting my shoes dirty. I laughed and commented to not sweat the small stuff, and to remember everything is small stuff. Needless to say, I passified her and washed my shoes off before returning into the house.

We returned into the house only to start watching Extreme Mindblowing Hotels. Since I had just picked Passion Fruit, it kind of went hand in hand. One of the Hotels was the Nordic Inn located in Crosby, Minnesota. It was meant for the ultimte Viking experience. It was a Rowdy, Robost and Romantic setting. There seemed to be a lot of "PASSION" expressed in the making of this establishment. See, what did I tell you, the two events of my day went hand in hand. LOL You have to find fun here somehow!!

Another event that made me laugh was a story told by one of the residents named Kook. We are always eating it seems here at the Fisher House. I guess you could call it comfort food. That's probably why I've put on so much weight. Well, we were talking about how sometimes we will make an attempt to get some exercise. The hospital isn't that far down the hill, but it is a hike on the way back up. Several of us have to make a midpoint stop and take a breathier. This is where the story cracks me up. While walking back, Kook was getting quite exhausted. She needed a break, but her husband (Owen) told her to continue. Knowing she enjoys her food, Owen pulled out some crackers to entice her and told her Auntie Tina would have something for her to eat if she kept going. I could hardly stand it, I laughed so hard. We told her that was so messed up, and wrong on so many levels. She shook it off, and we chalked it up to another story for the books.

We have had to find comic relief while here at the Fisher House due to the severity of the situations. Kook and Owen lost their first born child while here, and it is good to see they are coping with their loss. It's never easy to move forward when presented with a challenge like this, but they are an inspiration to us all. Thanks Owen and Kook for making me laugh and showing your strength to us all. You are both loved.

I'm looking forward to making more memories and sharing any sorrows. Life is such a gift. I hope each of us takes the time to tell those you love how much they mean to you.