Special Friends

Today I spoke with Sophia Peterson. It is always such a pleasure to talk with her. While living in Washington State, my children bonded with our neighbor Sophia and she quickly became their adopted Grandmother. Sophia's grandmother (Sophie) came from Switzerland and her grandfather (Columbus Sinclair) was from Michigan. They had a homestead in Silverdale Washington. Her father's side is from Youngstown Ohio. She has always had a special fondness for Jessica. Jessica use to be her sidekick around her house and would help her with odd chores and just be her companion. Sophia has held both Jessica and Charles close to her heart. I was amazed to hear she is now 80 years old (July 23). The stories she has to share are always memorable. We talked about Sophia's two sons, Ken and Marty. We also talked about Snowflake, Sophia's cat who was pure white. Jessica and Charles adored her. Sophia continues to enter into the Fair and as usual has won another ribbon for her baking or gardening talent. I am so pleased to have her as such a special friend. Thank you Sophia for being a part of our life and extended family.

I received several other calls today, just checking up on Mom and I. Inez, a long time friend called from Kansas and informed me her daughter Chelsea is driving. How can this be? It seems as just yesterday she was in diapers. My how time flies. I also received a call from my good buddy Jerone. Jerone is known as Papa to most of my Walmart friends in Pensacola. He is always there to lend a helping hand or just give advise to keep you on the straight and narrow path. He has been a blessing in my life and I am lucky to have such a wonderful man to call my friend.

Today I was asked to take Tina Mahlum (A Fisher House Resident), to church. I just dropped her off since the service is done in Palo. Tina is a cancer patient who Mom and I have become very fond of. She has a giving heart and doesn't allow her cancer to stifle her life. She lives life fully everyday and is very unselfish. It's an honor to be her friend. Thanks Tina for your strength and love. After dropping Tina off, her daughter Jace and I went to the Swap Meet to locate some last minute Christmas gifts. As usual it was packed, hot, but lots of fun.

Several conversations arose today and reminiscing resumed once again. For some reason, a conversation was brought up about an incident that took place when I was a child. We lived in Vallejo California. The lady who lived behind our house decided that her dog poop was easier to flush with water down her hill to our house than to pick it up. Needless to say, an argument arose between my mother and her. In the process, she decided to bite down on mom's arm. Mom told her to go ahead you cannibal, because I'm gonna beat the shit out of you. The cops were called and they regained control of the situation. We chuckled at the silly things that you remember in life and how you should have fun with every moment.

I spoke with Jessica today and was tickled by a comment made by my grand-daughter. The family traveled to Greenville South Carolina to attend a family reunion. Brianna told her mom that she had to take the special chocolates that great-grandma and grandma sent her. How cute! She always has such a way with words. I was also pleased to hear that Nate wore the Polo Shirt I sent him and received several comments about it. I love to give and have those who receive the gifts to be happy with them. Apparently this time I succeeded. Enjoy guys!

Until tomorrow, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and is ready for Christmas. God Bless!