Radiology Therapy

It's been a couple of days since I wrote last, but we have received good news which is worth sharing with everyone.

On Wednesday, we had an appointment with Radiology Therapy. Mom's Doctor was Dr. Sprague. A pleasant doctor who made us quickly feel at ease. She had reviewed mom's recent Bone Scan and was ready to unveil her discovery. According to the doctor, she wasn't 100% confident that the spot on the scan was truly a cause for concern. The spot was on the front portion of mom's vertebra, which was less worrisome than that on the back of a vertebra. She enlightened us about how bone cancer works. She referred to it like a mouse. It literally eats a hole through the area. If the spot was on the back portion, it could possibly lead to paralysis because once the vertebra splintered it could puncture the spine. Luckily, mom's spot was in the front which would not be so burdensome if it did fracture.

With this new determination, the doctor was hesitant to start radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is somewhat invasive. The radiation would have to be administered from the front and back of mom's body to reach the suspected site. The beam from the front would initially go through the layer of skin, the muscle, the bowel, and then finally reach the targeted spot. Due to the several layers, damage would be done to good cells and the bowel. Therefore, she felt at this time the procedure was not beneficial. If mom was having tremendous back pain which affected her walking or sleeping, she would re-consider. All in all we are stoked by the decision and we look forward to our follow-up visit in February.

I spoke with my little angel the last couple of days and laughed as usual at her innocence. Brianna asked very coy, "Grandma, once you are done taking care of great-grandma could you come back to Florida and take me to Walmart to buy me marshmallows". She said, "I really like marshmallows". I just chuckled and re-assured her that this could be done. Another treat we enjoyed was being serenaded by Brianna. She sang the 5 little ducks song. She is too precious. Mom and I talked again about how smart she is and how she brings so much joy to both of our lives. Thank you Breezy for your gift.

Stay Sweet and Live and Love Life Everyone!